CBD released by chewing gum is absorbed in the mouth and throat. Some CBD chewing gums are heavy with sugar in their blending process. Heavily sugared CBD gum once ingested disrupts gut microbiome. So check the ingredients carefully!

It is likely you are here seeking a trusted supplier of CBD chewing gum. Along the way perhaps discovered “ratings” sites where they rank CBD product(s) in a “top-ten best” style format. These ranking pages are largely opinion based. Typically the #1 listing or all of the products on these sites are designed to lead you to making a purchase where the ratings site publisher gets a commission known as an “affiliate fee”. So keep in mind their are over 3000 CBD brands on the market.

What Is CBD Gum?

CBD gum contains hemp extract (CBD). CBD can be dosed at different strength levels.

CBD from chewing gum works sublingually. The membranes in your throat and mouth absorb the CBD along with added saliva from chewing aids digestion.

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